The Team


Kenneth Vernon Bryan, Member of Parliament (MP) for George Town Central was born July 12th, 1980 in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.  A committed family man, Kenneth is married to, Michele Bryan, together they have two daughters.

Minister Bryan has a degree in Business Administration from the University College of the Cayman Islands.  He is also certified as a Backpack Journalist by the Poynter Institute of Media in Tampa, Florida. He also has experience as a civil servant, which he gained in his first job as a Cayman Islands Fire Officer in 1997.

He is well known for his time as a TV reporter, anchor and political journalist with Cayman 27 (2008- 2012) and as the Political Assistant to the Premier of the Cayman Islands from 2013-2015.   In those two careers, he garnered much of his political knowledge.

Mr Bryan is also the founder of the “Grasp Your Future” voting registration drive in 2013 helping to register thousands of young people to participate in the electoral process.

In his free time, Kenneth speaks with troubled youths in various schools, most notably with the “Boys to Men” programme.

Once elected in 2017, he was appointed to a number of governing committees and is a strong voice in the opposition as the youngest member of the then Legislative Assembly and the sole independent member of the house.

Mr Bryan was reelected in April 2021 and is now the sitting Minister for Tourism & Transport.


Chairperson – Carla Reid
Deputy Chairperson – Chet Ebanks
Member – Rosa Harris, Director of the Department of Tourism
Member – Deputy Chief Officer, Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Heritage or nominee
Member – Deputy Chief Officer, Education, District Administration, Lands and Survey or nominee
Ex-Officio – Stran Bodden, Chief Officer, Ministry of Tourism and Transport
Secretary – Patrick Thompson, TAB Director


Mr. Patrick Thompson – Director, TAB
Mrs. Candace Ransome-Grant – Administrative Manager, TAB
Mrs. Mona Meade – Marketing Coordinator, TAB
Position pending, Financial Accountant, TAB


Mr. Patrick Thompson – TAB Director and Pedro St. James General Manager
Mr. John Lawrus – Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park General Manager
Hell Geological Site – Administered by the TAB
Cayman Craft Market – Administered by the TAB

Mission Statement

The mission of the Tourism Attraction Board is to enhance and diversify Cayman's tourism product by offering high quality tourist attractions that display Cayman's culture, history, flora and fauna; by providing leadership and skilled management that effectively administers allocated resources for the efficient development and preservation of its attractions.


The Tourism Attraction Board (TAB) was established under the Tourism Attraction Board Law, 1996 (Law 17 of 1996) on 25 November 1996. The primary function of the Tourism Attraction Board is the general and financial management of Pedro St. James as a building of historic interest and a heritage site for visitors, and of such other land and buildings as may be vested in it or placed under its management, in accordance with the general policies of the Government. The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a conservation effort of both the Cayman Islands Government and the National Trust for the Cayman Islands and was the second site placed under the management of the Tourism Attraction Board.

The Tourism Attraction Board also manages Hell and the Cayman Craft Market.

Notary Public Services

The Tourism Attraction Board is now offering notarial services, including:

  • Witnessing and attesting the signature of documents
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions
  • Arranging for legalisation of documents

Persons in need of notary services must bring identification documents i.e. a valid passport or driving license. Other documents required may include a bank statement or utility bill to confirm a physical address.

Any additional documentation must be brought in as necessary.

Contact [email protected] or call 345-949-6999 to learn more.

The Tourism Attraction Board Office is located at Pedro St. James ‘Castle’, Pedro Castle Road, P.O. Box 305, Grand Cayman, KY1 - 1501.

Pedro St. James
P.O. Box 305, Savannah
Grand Cayman, KY1-1501
Tel: 345 949 6999

Pedro St. James
P.O. Box 305, Savannah
Grand Cayman, KY1-1501
Tel: 345 947 3329

Hell Road, West Bay
P.O. Box 305
Grand Cayman, KY1-1501
Tel: 345 949 6999

S. Church Street, George Town
P.O. Box 305
Grand Cayman, KY1-1501
Tel: 345 949 6999

Frank Sound Road, North Side
P. O. Box 203
Grand Cayman, KY1-1701
Tel: 345 947 9462